A wonderful and memorable trip.

Penny at Journey Earth really helped us put together a wonderful and memorable trip. She listened to our requests and desires and made other suggestions. We had originally planned to go three years ago and had to put on COVID-hold.

When Australia announced they were opening their borders to International travellers, Penny was able to put our trip together. We were able to experience everything we wanted and more.


Christine Olson, USA
July 2022
A great success!

We are a group of four ladies who have recently returned from a 10 day trip to the Northern Territory organised by Penny & Dick Webster of Journey Earth. To say that it was a great success is an understatement.

The places selected for us to visit, the accommodation selected, the transport provided was all of a very good standard. The support given by Penny & Dick at all times was second to none.

We felt that the trip was excellent value for money. We highly recommend Journey Earth as the go-to company for your travel needs.

Mary Taylor, Australia
May 2022
Our travel planner was a delight to work with.   

She was extremely helpful and accommodating. We appreciated that she interviewed us to ascertain our personal preferences for accommodations and sight seeing. The trip started off wonderfully.  We just wish it hadn't been cut short by Covid-19.

George Lingg (USA)
June 2020
Despite having to return 11 days early, I would say this was one of the best trips we've ever taken. 

Dick, with Journey Earth, set up a trip to remember with off the beaten track adventures and once of a lifetime things to do. All were top notch and wonderful experiences.

He was also fantastic and a lifesaver with regard to the COVID-19 issues. Dick went above and beyond to take care of our revised travel plans and refunds and is still taking care of us. 

We would definitely use Zicasso and Dick Webster again!

Jeanne Baily (USA)
April 2020
The trip was absolutely incredible.  So well planned to minimize travel time and maximize experiences.  I cannot say enough amazing things about Penny from Journey Earth. 

After 2 min of speaking with Penny from this Journey Earth, I knew she was the one I wanted to have planning this trip.   She could literally work with any ideas, time or budget to create anyone’s dream trip. 

For us we had 3 weeks, a few must do experiences, and a surprisingly expandable budget.  She provided more options that we could add to our dream trip that we didn’t know were even possible.  I am a terrible planner and our planner was able to overcome my procrastination, lack of availability, and my last min ideas.   She handled every detail and all I had to do was give her the thumbs up.  We were excited and frankly exhausted just reading through that final itinerary, we couldn’t believe how much we were going to be able to do and I tear up just thinking about it.  

We planned a lot of traveling going to three different countries and multiple places within those countries and she not only sent me paper copies of all of my itineraries, vouchers and confirmations for every flight hotel car rental and experience she also had an app with all of that in it along with maps, information guides, dining suggestions and so much more. 

Also the app allowed us to stay in contact with Penny who was able to let us know of any changes in our itinerary or if there were any issues with any part of our trip she would handle them.  We had a helicopter ride planned that got cancelled due to weather.  After discussing possible options with Penny using the messenger in the app, she was able to effortlessly schedule it back into our itinerary.  And she continued to check in on us throughout our trip to see how we were doing.  She was amazing. 

The most memorable parts of our trip were;

1. We got engaged!! Thanks to Penny’s recommendation, we had the best view of New Years in Sydney at our hotel rooftop where got engaged. It is one of the only open air views in the city and the perfect view of the opera house and the bridge to watch the fireworks.  The only people allowed on the rooftop were those of us staying at the hotel.  We had food and drinks and made lifelong friendships ringing in 2020! 

2. The Great White Sharks in New Zealand.  One of my bucket list things to do that I never imagined was possible for regular people was to get in a cage to see the Great White Shark.  I couldn’t believe it when I asked our planner if it was possible she didn’t even skip a beat, she knew exactly where she was gonna put it in our itinerary.  There are only 8 licensed places in the world that can take people to go see the Great White Sharks and a local tour company out of Bluff New Zealand is where we got to have this once in a lifetime experience.

3. Australia Zoo!  I grew up watching Steve Irwin and his family and I have always been obsessed with animals and Nature.  It was such an amazing and emotional day.  I just love that family and what they have done and been able to accomplish and I miss Steve Irwin so much! 

It was such an amazing trip we cannot imagine doing anything differently.  We love looking at our pictures and videos wishing we could do the trip all over again,  It was a dream come true!

Meredith Taylor (USA)
March 2020
A group of 10 people (5 couples) have been planing a trip to New Zealand and Australia for the last 5 years.  Penny Webster with "Journey Earth" finally helped us make it happen this past February 2020. 

She took into consideration our needs, interest, activities we like, vegetarian meal needs and planned a 16 day trip for us.  The final Itinerary was very well organized and detailed, it included description and website connection to  airline details, hotel to airport transfers, hotels at each locations, all the tours and activities we were schedule to do.  It also included all additional activities we planned  ourselves ( we had at the last minute added 2 night stay in Fiji, and we had booked our own international flight.) 

Their Journey Earth App, helped my group so much on a daily base to know what we were doing and where we were going.  Penny being a local Australian, made it easy for us to call her anytime we had questions or concerns, which she took care of immediately.  My group all agreed that we will use Penny's services again for future tours to other countries.

Thank You Penny for making such a Memorable trip to New Zealand and Australia

Nita Kanji (USA)
February 2020
Penny at Journey Earth was excellent to work with as we went through 11 iterations of our itinerary until we finally settled.   She is sooo patient and we greatly appreciated that.  

Penny is very knowledgable about so many different travel options.

We were very pleased with the choices she presented.  She took the time to get to know us and tailored an itinerary accordingly.

That was just the planning.  Penny was available to us the entire trip.  The Axios app put our entire itinerary and necessary documents at our fingertips.  We would get notices about the 'next' event and updates regarding the status of all our flights.

Penny helped switch some events on our itinerary to accommodate some needs that arose for us while we were in Australia.  It was very cool that she was able to make some last minute changes.   She even arranged for the retrieval of my swimming suit and had it sent to my home.  She was very responsive and her assistance was much appreciated.

I highly recommend Penny and Journey Earth.  We hope to go back to New Zealand and also visit some islands in the South Pacific one day.  We will call Penny again!

Mike & Jo Hohl (USA)
February 2020
The detail and care that Penny and Journey Earth took in coordinating our trip to Australia and New Zealand were spot on! 

She really listened to what we were looking for in this trip and provided us with a true trip of a lifetime! Every detail on lodging, transfers, and tours or events that we had wanted to book were made with all of the instructions and times provided to us via the great app and portfolio. It made everything so simple and truly enjoyable.

It was the most carefree planning trip I’ve ever had to do...I should have done it sooner!

Sascha Thein (USA)
February 2020

I was put in contact with Dick at Journey Earth and he jumped right in with a phone call to get an idea of what we were hoping to do in Australia. He put together a wonderful itinerary which included adding our son and daughter-in-law for 2 of the weekends.
The fires caused a bit of a glitch but Dick took care of it and booked us a wonderful weekend in the Barossa. A delayed flight caused us to miss a tour, but Dick took care of that as well.

Our tours and were handled very professionally and gave us a good introduction to Australia. Everything went extremely smoothly from flights to hotels to tour guide pick ups. 

I was very pleased with our experience and would happily use both Zicasso and Journey Earth again.

Jackie Bain (USA)
February 2020
Our recent trip to Australia was amazing!

We spent 14 days exploring Sydney, Adelaide, Kangaroo Island and Melbourne as a family vacation and to celebrate a college graduation!

Our travel agent, Penny, was wonderful. She worked with our budget and ideas to create the perfect vacation for us. She was very professional, detail oriented, communicative and made it easy to stay in touch throughout our visit. We were a little apprehensive to be working with a 2nd party in making all of our arrangements, but we were in excellent hands!

Penny knew the areas we were traveling to and gave us many choices in hotel accommodations, excursions and tours. Our hotels were all perfectly located in great walking areas and easy access to city transportation if needed. The excursions and guides that were arranged had wonderful, local knowledge and made for unique experiences.

I would highly recommend Penny and Journey Earth for any traveler! This trip was unforgettable! 

Susan McCurry (USA)
February 2020
Journey Earth was a great choice for us on our first major trip after retirement to Australia. 

They helped us create a great itinerary and held our hands all the way before, during and after the trip.  I would highly recommend them and we plan to use them again if we go to New Zealand.

William Stafford (USA)
February 2020
I am writing to let you know what a wonderful trip we had. 

It was chock full of great activities and we enjoyed each and every one.  

Eric and Ken went sky diving in Queenstown, we loved the Australia Open, and we all did the Sydney Harbour Bridge climb.  The Kangaroo Island wilderness tours were great as was our stay at Molly's Run.  I could go on and on.

We could not have had a better time and I thank you for planning a great trip for us.

Nancy Duffy (USA)
February 2020
First class trip to Australia and New Zealand!  

Dick’s attention and insight into our family personality made every scheduled event/activity fun and memorable for every family member.  

Journey Earth’s attention to detail was second to none.  Everything was well planned and went extremely smooth throughout our adventure.  I look forward to booking another Journey Earth trip soon.  

Thank you for being so exceptional at what you do!

David Lagerquist (USA)
January 2020
Overall trip was planned to the "t". 

Time, place, and what was going on and who to look for.  Our trip planner was amazing, in scheduling and figuring out everything I wanted to accomplish on this adventure. The app was great to have along with digital documents of what was needed. 

There wasn't one thing I wasn't happy about, everything was great, planned out with suggestions here and there of options. Loved every moment of it.

I would do the trip over and over again. I had a great time in meeting people, placement of hotels, food, atmosphere and adventure.

Jenna Miller (USA)
January 2020
Journey Earth provided an amazing itinerary with the best options.

They even provided the best dining options and helped with booking!

Robin Rogers (USA)
January 2020
A very memorable trip.
Our trip planner from the travel team was always available via text/phone during the trip and was able to help with rescheduling our stay and activities when the initial part of the trip was disrupted due to bushfires in Blue Mountains.
Great recommendations on where to stay and what to do.
Vijay Raghavan (USA)
January 2020
Everything was so well planned. 

Loved the app they had us use.  All questions were answered promptly and we really feel we were set up with hotels in great locations and tour companies who were outstanding.

Deborah Gilpin (USA)
November 2019
Everything went perfectly.

It was a lovely trip to a part of Australia that we had never traveled around, the southwest coast.

Harriet Burandt (USA)
November 2019
Very pleased by 15 day Australia trip organized by Penny and her team at Journey Earth.

The hotels and tours were excellent. Communication was exceptional every step of the way. AXUS app kept us informed of any changes and was invaluable as a daily guide. There were some dietary concerns and every tour and hotel was aware of it. Amazing!

I have recommended Journey Earth to friends planning a trip to Australia. We wouldn't change a thing!

Sharon Kagan (USA)
November 2019
TOP Notch! This was a fantastic trip from the moment we chose the "in Country" agent to help us with the planning.

In Country made the difference to not have to worry about time zones if there were any glitches. Our travel planner - Dick, was fantastic to work with! Everything was planned - almost down to the minute. The tours, the tour guides, the buses or vans (we preferred small groups), the hotels, the documents, the AXUS website and mostly Dick's ever present help the few times we needed it (no fault of his company - just the weather or one late plane arrival) were EXCELLENT!

We LOVED, LOVED, LOVED every minute of the 22 day planned trip! Again, I can't say enough about the travel planner! His calls, his suggestions, the itinerary, ALL made this a trip of lifetime! We were just sorry to not be able to meet Dick somewhere in Australia!!

Karen Mathis (USA)
November 2019
Our trip was perfect - Perfectly orchestrated by our travel designer who was very easy to deal with.

We enjoyed every piece of our trip!!

Terri Gillman (USA)
November 2019
I had an absolute blast on my trip!!

There were so many wonderful activities and adventures.  Many dreams to last a lifetime.  I found it very easy to get in contact an communicate with you whenever I had a question.  Your flexibility in my making payments for the trip were also quite helpful.  Thank you!

April Maertens (USA)
November 2019
Penny at Journey Earth worked diligently and patiently to design my ideal trip.

I had lots of variables to deal with as one of my group had to leave earlier than the rest of us and I needed to get more done the first 10 days. She communicated well and rapidly on all of my questions and created the perfect trip. All of the flights and transfers and tours and accommodations were excellent. I will probably return to this area and will contact her again. We really had a marvelous time thanks to her expertise in planning.

Laura Grigsby (USA)
October 2019
Our travel consultant was very responsive to our requests.

He listened to what we wanted to do and offered options to accomplish those goals. After the trip was planned, he kept in touch with us to make sure we had everything we needed.

Tom Keenan (USA)
October 2019
Working with Penny to plan our dream honeymoon was such a pleasure.

We knew the countries that we wanted to visit, but did not know what cities would allow us to do all of the activities we were hoping to do. Penny narrowed down locations and tours for us that would allow us to get a great feel for Australia and New Zealand in the two weeks that we had available to travel. She was always available to answer questions and booked an itinerary for us that worked out perfectly. We had several domestic flights in Australia to take us to all of the places that we wanted to see, and with the help of Penny and Selena everything ran smoothly.

This was a dream honeymoon trip for us and a vacation of a lifetime! Getting to finally dive the Great Barrier Reef and visit gorgeous Hamilton Island were just a few highlights on this epic adventure. 

We had such a wonderful time, and we look forward to the opportunity to work with Journey Earth in the future when we travel again.

Bobby & Bridget Stier (USA)
October 2019
Our travel specialist was extremely helpful and insightful when planning our first trip to Australia.

We told him everything we wanted to do and he made it all come to life, even places and things we didn’t think about doing! Our 2 week trip went off without a hitch and had a step by step guide through a phone app to guide us every day. Will definitely be using him again for our next trip down under and highly recommend him to anyone needing help planning a trip!

Rebecca Jasper (USA)
September 2019
The trip was awesome and I highly recommend the Journey Earth.

Our travel planner worked with us back and forth to get an itinerary that we were all happy with and suited my family.   As he is actually situated in Australia, you have the benefit of first-hand knowledge.  As this trip was planned only a few months before our departure, our planner had the added pressure of finding availability on short notice. All basically went smoothly with the trip--a few hiccups are always expected with international travel and the planner stepped up to rectify these hiccups.  The lodgings he recommended were great and we enjoyed every aspect of the trip.  We will definitely use this travel company if our travels lead us back to Australia or perhaps to New Zealand.

Ann Marie Enright (USA)
August 2019
Penny did a great job for us! Our first trip to Australia and her knowledge, suggestions, itinerary and bookings all made for a memorable and fun adventure. Highly recommended!

Each stop was unique so from camel ride and dinner in the outback to snorkeling in Great Barrier Reef and the walks in the rainforests, and then into Sydney Harbor- all were special

Hilda Avila (USA)
August 2019
Amazing trip!

Journey Earth was easy to work with, customized the itinerary to our liking and were very responsive with any questions we had while on our vacation.

Elyn Bowers (USA)
July 2019
Journey Earth was spot on! The agent was very friendly, helpful and quite intuitive.

The agent's attention to detail and expertise made for a flawless vacation. Every bit of transportation, activities and hotel stays were seamless and went according to plans/schedules and we did a lot during our short stay! The application, AXUS, used by Journey Earth is a fabulous bit technology! Wholly recommend Journey Earth!

Aletha Massengale (USA)
July 2019
From start to finish this Company and my travel specialist, Penny, was amazing. She was available anytime to assist with questions and changes and I really felt that she took into consideration my travel interests when recommending the tours and locations of hotels.

The Uluru camel ride/dinner/Field of Light tour was really amazing. I also really appreciated the Melbourne Laneways tour, it was very interest and not something I would have normally done if I was planning this trip solo.

Andrea Zenn (Japan)
June 2019
This was both our first trip to Australia. The travel agency (Journey Earth) we used was terrific and our agent (Penny Webster) was a great communicator, patient and put together an itinerary that provided us with the experience we desired. 

We had no problems on our trip. Everything worked like clockwork. Our drivers, guides, accommodations and destination specific trips were first class. I would have no hesitation in recommending Journey Earth.

Jennifer Rice (Canada)
June 2019
We spent 5 weeks in Australia and New Zealand. We literally went from Queensland in the North all the way down to Tasmania in Australia and visited both the north and the South Island of New Zealand.

If you are thinking of doing a trip like this, you MUST use this trip planner and her travel company. Her planning was meticulous. Every single flight connection, every single guide she selected, every single hotel met our needs perfectly.  In fact some of our accommodation were among the best I have ever had. What set our trip planner apart was that she listened carefully to what I wanted and she found accommodations and activities which met my goals.  She was an exceptional partner with which to work and she was helpful not only in the planning but she also provided assistance when we were there.  Specifically some of our tours were weather dependent.  When I asked her to help monitor whether an excursion was going due to weather she gladly pitched in to help. She is not one of those travel agents who once receiving payment, thinks she is done.  Rather, she is available to help with issues whenever they arise.  Now I should point out that the cost of the trip was not cheap.  However, she stayed pretty much on budget and as we both agreed, with some of our accomodations, you get what you pay for.

There were many.  Our stay in Sydney was a highlight. Our trip planner arranged for a private cruise around the harbor which was special.  We were also able to get tickets to a dance performance at the Sydney Opera house which allowed us not only to see the structure but to enjoy it as it was intended. She also encouraged us to get tickets for the Sydney Opera Company performance of West Side Story which was a treat.  Other highlights were our stay on Lord Howe Island (a slice of heaven), snorkeling in/on the Great Barrier Reef (the company she suggested was superb), the helicopter ride, The Lodge (a MUST), Uluru staying at and getting to see the Bruce Munro installation, the Lodge in Rotorua NZ, Trekking on the Franz Josef Glacier in NZ, whitewater rafting on the Shotover River in NZ, the MONA museum in Tasmania and the Seafood seduction cruise in Tasmania. I could go on but I think you get the idea. There was a lot that we packed into the 5 weeks we were there and much of it was memorable.

Paul Garry (USA)
May 2019
Dick planned a very memorable vacation, every excursion and every step of the trip was impeccably planned! 

We had a multi generational family on this trip, so accommodating ages 6 to 66 wasn't easy!  Dick sat down with me before we commenced any planning to discuss our family needs, likes, wish list, etc.  He hit every single thing on the wish list and gave us some excellent suggestions that we would have never known about or considered!  From a beautiful yacht trip in the Whitsunday Islands to rainforest adventures in Port Douglas and a camel ride in Uluru, our whole family had an amazing trip, definitely one to remember for a very very very long time. 

Dick was very patient with us and our constant questions and he was very responsive to all questions when we were traveling in country.  Thank you Dick and Journey Earth!  We have already recommended your services to others!

Jane (USA)
May 2019
Excellent trip down under!  We couldn't be happier with our amazing trip!

Everything was planned well, communication with Dick was great! They even have an app that explains everything about our daily activities! Very impressed!

Tracy Mahler (USA)
May 2019
Mira and myself would like to send you a super great thank you for the wonderful trip you designed for us.

We enjoyed every minute of it. Unfortunately there was not enough time to see a lot more in nearly one month.

Mira had a tremendous experience during her incredible photography shooting! The weather could not have been any better. I myself learned an incredible number of things regarding both cultures as well as the people in both countries.


We can not stop talking about this great trip. In fact a good friend of mine and wife will be contacting you as they are planning to go to Australia.

Again many thanks, good wishes from Mira and myself.

Leo & Mira Eisenberg (USA)
April 2019
Penny Webster at Journey Earth was absolutely amazing. 

She listened to what we were looking for, made recommendations of places to visit, and gave us tour options in each location, based on our interests, so we could choose.  She made all the accommodations to our specifications, and most importantly was on top of every detail before and during our trip.  A couple of minor glitches that occurred on site (not of her doing), she intervened and corrected immediately.

We travel frequently and to many places around the world.  This was one of the most organized trips that we have taken, and high on the list of great trips.

We highly recommend her and Journey Earth for those planning a trip to New Zealand and Australia, as we did.

Eliezer Basse (USA)
April 2019
We had no idea exactly what we wanted to see and do in New Zealand, but knew we wanted to make it the trip of a lifetime and Penny Webster with Journey Earth planned our vacation to the tee! 

She mapped it all out for us, not one hitch and not one problem.  We would definitely recommend anyone wishing to explore Australia or New Zealand contact Penny first!  

Kathryn & Scott Smith (USA)
March 2019
This is one of the best experiences we have had. Penny at Journey Earth was the best agent we have ever used.

We enjoyed working with her every step of the way. Our memories of our trip to Australia and New Zealand will last forever.

John Duvall (USA)
March 2019
I can not say enough great things about Dick Webster and Journey Earth.

We started planning our dream vacation to New Zealand & Austraila about a year ago. Once finding Dick and his company Journey Earth over the internet, he called me and we had about a 60 minute interveiw on what we would like to do on our vacation.

He wanted to know things like if we were outdoors people or museum people, did we like going to great winery's and breweries or city shopping, are you looking for 2 star or 5 star accommodations. Once completing this interview and learning our likes and dislikes he sent us a very professional and detailed outline of our vacation.  We reviewed and after a couple small tweaks came up with the perfect plan that would meet our vacation goals.

A couple weeks prior to leaving for our vacation Dick sent us with amazingly detailed documentation of our vacation and a App that made following our vacation plan extremely simple.

Once we were on vacation, Dick sent us texts to make sure we were loving our vacation. I have never had a travel agent show so much care. We had issue with one tour due to weather and was cancelled. We were sad as it was going to be a vacation highlight. We contacted Dick and he quickly worked with the tour companies and was able to switch dates so we could make our cancelled tour the next day. He achieved this within 30 minutes on a Sunday morning.

Journey Earth and Dick Webster are truly the most amazing and professional vacation and travel planners you will ever work with.

Greg Saur (USA)
March 2019
It was a fantastic trip made possible by the recommendations, coordination, and follow up by our agent, Dick Webster, at Journey Earth.

Our lodging accommodations were excellent, the breakfasts were fabulous. 

Highlights included:  The kayak float down the Pelorus with Shane at Eco Pelorus, Mt Cook day hikes of the Hooker River valley, Dart River (Funyaks, although the kayak was cancelled due to weather), golf at Jacks Point ( although expensive), and, in Auckland, a ferry ride to Waiheke Island. Unfortunately weather cancelled our scheduled fly-cruise to Milford Sound which was disappointing. 

The other scheduled events, gondola in Queenstown, Whale watch in Kaikoura, Wine tasting in Marlborough, were all very enjoyable too. And we had the flexibility to sight-see and dine according to our schedule.

Details made a big difference:  InterIslander plus lounge on the ferry from Picton to Wellington, driving maps, directions, times and distances from city to city, City details and other information provided in the AXUS App were great surprises to the overall package. 

Thomas Murphy (USA)
March 2019
The experience was amazing, from general parameters, Dick Webster created a magical Australia experience that exceeded our expectations at every turn. There was not a single disappointment and there were countless delights. I highly recommend Dick Webster and Journey Earth.

Having Dick plan for us turned out to be a huge part of the magic, while we had the basic information about where we were headed, each time we showed up for what he arranged, we were delighted beyond anything we could have imagined. 

Fine dining in the Rainforest... candlelight turn down services...beautiful walks, water indulgences and an extraordinary spa experience at Silky Oaks Lodge; Hamilton Island was so magical it felt unreal, the Walabees, the tropical birds, Koala hugging - it was incredible.  We also loved driving around in the buggies - and the Sailing trip was spectacular, complete with an amazing sunset. 

The private tour of Sydney was fantastic.  It was a cloudy/rainy day and our tour host, Denis, was flexible, accommodating, and exquisitely attentive. He was also funny, interesting and a great source of information.  Every arrangement was as promised, on time, and we were treated with such care everywhere we went. We also loved the helicopter tour over the Great Barrier Reef, astoundingly beautiful.

Mostly - we felt cared for and appreciated, and we enjoyed every aspect of discovering Australia in both anticipated and unanticipated ways!

Deb Chromik (USA)
March 2019
The trip was amazing in all regards and somehow managed to eclipse our expectations and imaginations. 

As with any endeavor of this magnitude, there were a couple of hick-ups, but in general, we will be happy to recommend the area, and Journey Earth as the travel agent!

The beauty of Hamilton Island, the quaint and efficient travel by golf carts and the ease of everything given it was off season were awesome.  Sydney was a delight staying in the Rocks area and the personal tour, yacht tour, Opera House tour, and bridge climb were all awesome...… As was a local Sydney Pub on $9 pie night as recommended by our agent. 

Queenstown and Milford Sound beauty are beyond words we have to describe.  The flight over to Milford Sound was sooooo cool and so much better than a 4 hour bus ride!  Moorea as again beyond belief and surpassed expectations.

Michael Meadows (USA)
March 2019
Dick at Journey Earth was very easy to work with. He accommodated all of our needs and was very accessible during the trip to answer questions. The experiences that were set up were amazing.

Australia is definitely one of earths natural wonders and Dick helped us expierence a large amount of the continent! we especially enjoyed our guides in Melbourne and Cairns. They truly helped bring Australia to life! The people are amazing! Thank you Dick for helping to make this bucket list Vacation a reality! 

Patrick Andres (USA)
March 2019
We were a group of 8 relatives that planned our trip to Australia and New Zealand for over a year.  We wanted a customized trip to meet the locations we wanted to travel to as well as the activities we wanted to do.  The trip was wonderful and Journey Earth made this possible.  Penny from Journey Earth understood from the start the type of trip we wanted and worked diligently to make it happen. 

We traveled to Auckland and Queentown in New Zealand and Tasmania, Port Douglas, Cairns, and Sydney in Australia.  We traveled a great distance for this vacation and wanted to see and do a number of things while here.  This required a great deal of planning and fine tuning to meet our requirements and expectations.  Journey Earth's attention to detail and commitment to meeting our needs made this trip a success!!  The trip was truly breathtaking and memorable.

Susan Piccolo (USA)
February 2019
We are blown away by the trip Journey Earth put together for us! We asked our travel planner for something different and he delivered.

From spear fishing in Queensland to the sights of Kangaroo Island, everything was perfect. Our decision to have a travel agent in Australia was validated as he kept track of us throughout our travels, warning us of potential weather issues. Great job done by this travel company.

It is impossible saying what is most memorable. We enjoyed learning about Sydney on our walking tour and our cruise of Sydney harbour. In Queensland,  what can beat the Lodge and our spear fishing with the Kuku Yalanji. The sights around Alice Springs were a real suprise with Marc, from a tour company, showing us how to picnic in style. I cannot imagine being in Australia and not visiting Kangaroo Island, the sights and wildlife are amazing. And finally, when we return to Australia, Adelaide and the Baross Valley will be our first stop.

Linda Toner (USA)
February 2019
Our trip planner at this travel company was awesome to work with!

He really listened to what we were interested in and selected an itinerary that was a great mix for travelers of different ages. The pace and variety of the trip was perfect. We woke up every day so excited for what we had planned and also had just enough down time to rest up for the next adventure.

On top of the stellar itinerary and tours, our trip planner went above and beyond to help us when our flight was delayed 24 hours. He rescheduled tours and reservations at the last minute so we wouldn't miss anything. He also provided documentation for us to send the airline. He was so friendly and helpful throughout the entire process. I'd highly recommend this travel company to other couples, families and small groups. 

So many things about our trip were incredible! It felt like every day was a "once in a lifetime" experience - Rooftop views of the NYE fireworks over Sydney, Climbing the bridge, Cruising the Sydney harbor, Whitsundays and Milford sound, Helicopter tour/Diving the Great Barrier Reef, Hiking a glacier

Debbie Westlund (USA)
February 2019
Dick Webster organized our trip to three cities in Australia.  The total trip was a complete success due to Dick's organization. 

The only thing he couldn't control was the weather!  Everything went smoothly just as we were told it would.  Thank you so much for all of your help.

We loved the entire trip.  The little penquin parade on Phillips island was awesome.  But in truth we loved it all.  My granddaughter took her first scuba diving course and is convinced to continue with getting certified.  Seeing all of the animals of Australia was fantastic.  Thank you Dick again for all of your help.

The only thing we would do differently is stay longer and see more of this beautiful country.

Nancy Clevenger (Ecuador)
February 2019
It was a wonderful trip!

Penny suggested great activities and found creative ways to satisfy my request for accommodations for my husband and me and our adult son. It was important to us to be together but with privacy for all.  It took several rounds of back and forth to work out the itinerary, but she persevered until she could make it work. I also appreciated her checking up on me after I had needed to change some of our travel plans due to illness.

Kangaroo Island was even better than we could have imagined.  Nikki, our amazing guide, went out of her way to show us the wildlife in their natural habitat, and was so knowledgeable about the animals and the ecosystem.

The other fantastic experience was the luncheon harbor cruise on Australia Day.  I didn’t even know about Australia Day, but when Penny suggested it, we agreed to rearrange our itinerary so we could enjoy the festivities.  So glad we did!

Linda B. (USA)
February 2019
Our first time trip to Australia was amazing. We wanted to experience the country away from the mainstream tourism and large groups. Everything turned out as described or better.

We had no complications, no additional paperwork and other than for the car rental no voucher to carry. The app was very helpful as resource, reminder and showing directions. Our agent followed up with us along the way and we felt that he was always available if something might occur. However, everything worked out great.

The local agencies that were picked truly cared for us as customers, knew their way of making a difference and were very personable.

The two agencies that we would like to highlight were a local tour company and a local yacht company. The former made our Melbourne and Phillip Island tours a truly local and very memorable experience. The personal service was incredible and after a short while we simply felt that we are touring with a friend. The latter, a sailing crew, was an extraordinary team, around a principal person. They went above and beyond to satisfy the group and added an extra hour to the tour, so that we could all enjoy the sunset. Equipment was modern and well taken care of and the service was fantastic. 

Thomas Harmeyer (USA)
January 2019
Great communication and responsiveness in planning and during the trip.  The travel planner was most helpful in offering suggestions and advising us on pacing ourselves and setting reasonable expectations for how much ground we could or could not cover.

We loved the variety of experiences from hikes and climbs to hot baths and wine tours.  I couldn't choose a favorite, as we saw and did so much.

Maree Baldree (USA)
January 2019
Penny was very helpful and kept our needs in mind when planning our trip. She took care of every detail, and made our experience the most enjoyable possible.

We really enjoyed the Kuranda sky rail, a trip that we would not have done on our own. We enjoyed the scenery and seeing the wildlife there. Also, a boat company had a great boat to sail on the Great Barrier Reef. It was small, so as not to feel too crowded, but big enough that it felt steady on the water.

Mimi Berck (Japan)
January 2019
Excellent!! We were very pleased with the attention to details regarding our itinerary and we had a wonderful visit to Sydney with our friends. 
Abbie Brothers (USA)
January 2019
Dick Webster and Journey Earth did a great job of tailoring our trip to our interests and needs, provided excellent suggestions for restaurants and activities to undertake on our own time, and were very responsive in dealing with any questions or issues that arose during our trip. 
Richard F. (USA)
January 2019
Thank you so much journey earth , especially Penny for making 2018 an amazing christmas and new year holiday for my family.

Our trip to Fiji & Australia is beyond amazing complimented with Penny attention to details as well as extremely fast responses ( even during holidays ). I just want to say, thank you very much !

Suhandy (Indonesia)
January 2019

The travel planner worked with us to get everything we wanted to do into our trip with no problems at all. I am very pleased with the trip and her professionalism. I had to call her during our trip because a day outing we had planned was canceled due to weather, and she handled it with no issues, and a refund for that outing is being worked on as we speak.

I highly recommend the travel planner and the travel company. I will definitely use her services for our next vacation. We are going to plan a new vacation to Fiji and South Asia and will definitely use her to help us plan this trip. 

Daniel Stevens (USA)
January 2019
Dick Webster at Journey Earth was friendly, professional, knowledgeable & personable

and the comments from tour vendors about Dick were all positive regarding their interactions, he was responsive, and  reached out often before and during our trip to let us know he was available to assist in any way. We can’t say enough great things about the trip and the experience of working with Dick plus he genuinely cared and aimed to please each of us.

Sue Pung (USA)
December 2018
Penny of Journey Earth took the time to call me to discuss interests, preferences, etc in order to provide appropriate suggestions.

She developed a wonderful trip itinerary which really met our interests and needs. She was also available at all times to answer queries, etc. I was most impressed with the service provided and would highly recommend the company !

Arlene King (France)
December 2018
The trip was excellent from start to finish.  We were very lucky to have our travel agent. 

She was easy to work with and very knowledgeable about the countries we visited.  She helped us choose our hotels and lodges, our activities  in each city and also made restaurant reservations.  She also took care of all our plane reservations within the 2 countries and there were 7 different flights. This was a 3 week trip with no glitches.  We were given a detailed day by day  itinerary that had everything at our finger tips.  She was superb.

Andrea Strauss (USA)
December 2018
The trip was amazing and completely flawless.

We enjoyed all of our excursions. Your planning and attention to detail was impeccable. We continually commented on how simple you made everything for us to enjoy the trip. By far a 5 out of 5, you did a great job. I couldn’t have imagined a better trip to spend with my dad! We Will be sending anyone interested in taking this kind of trip your way!

Tina Hollowell (USA)
November 2018
The experience was amazing!! Our tour was filled with much diversity and opportunity!!

Our travel guide (Dick Webster) was available to us 24/7 and so terribly abliging with regards to all our opinions and needs! We saw the country and all it has to offer from outback to wilderness to Barrier Reef to wine country to yachting. Our adventure groups were more than kind, patient and educational!! Could not ask for more and humbled by all we were allowed to experience!!

Sheila Cavanagh (USA)
November 2018

Dick at Journey Earth was amazing an and absolute delight to plan a trip with!

He was so thorough, put together amazing itineraries and spoke with us numerous times to make sure he knew what we wanted out of our trip to Australia and what types of activities we were interested in. Very professional, worked with us on making updates, even helped book dining, was flexible on payment etc. He was available to hop on the phone anytime and speak to us about questions we had.

We had never been to Australia and wanted to go for our honeymoon and we are SO glad we booked with Journey Earth! They made sure everywhere we went we were treated like royalty and everyone knew it was our honeymoon, so it made it all so special. They also only partner with vendors they trust, and it was evident in all tours we took that they had a great relationship and were the best of the best. Could not recommend Journey Earth enough!

Adrienne Katz (USA)
November 2018
Dick was on top of everything and was incredibly quick in his responses both while we were planning the trip and during the trip itself. 

The itinerary he put together for us had the perfect balance of activities and free time, and brought us places we might not have found on our own.  Also, the Axus app that he set us up with was so handy during the trip to manage all of our reservations.  We had an absolute blast and still can't believe how lucky we were to experience everything!

Scott Stokell (USA)
November 2018
Journey Earth and Dick Webster in particular were fantastic!! 

The overall process could not have been easier and Dick was amazingly proactive and responsive in communications despite the time difference.

Journey Earth provided a unique experience and made the booking and travel proves as smooth as possible.  I would highly recommend working with them!! 

Nearly every part of our trip was exceptional and it was a great mix of adventure and relaxation.  Staying in Qualia on Hamilton Island was a highlight, as was the helicopter tour of Heart Reef and the private lunch of Whitehaven Beach.

The Sails of Sydney tour was also a very unique experience and a great way to see Sydney.  

It was a perfect trip.

Kristian Luetkehans (USA)
November 2018
Our pre-wedding honeymoon was absolutely amazing! It was very enjoyable and flawless. Journey Earth's travel plan for us was perfect.

Our agent's knowledge of the country and her suggestions made in the planning of this trip made the transition to each place easy. She was so helpful and accommodating. One of the days during our trip, it was suppose to rain and we had an outdoor tour schedule that day. Less than 24 hours before a scheduled tour, at our request, she switched our tour with one of our free days. As a result, we were able to enjoy our tour, rain free. She was absolutely amazing, I feel as if she were with us throughout the entire trip. 

We did alot on this trip and every moment of it was memorable and enjoyable. To pick one would be impossible. However, my husband (to be) and I currently live apart and this trip was meant to be relaxing, adventurous and romantic. It was all that and more.

Thanks to our amazing agent and her guidance, we put a lot of thought and strategy into our trip and it was perfect.

Susan Williams (USA)
October 2018
Penny at Journey Earth was amazing.....

we started planning our trip to Australia and New Zealand together about 15 months before our departure, and she was thorough  and patient with us, as we changed quite a few details throughout the process.  Can't say enough great things about her!  Her attention to all the details was spot on.  If we ever get back to her areas of specialty, we will call her immediately!

Meredith Wood (USA)
October 2018
The trip was, of course, wonderful, because Australia is an amazing country.

Dick at Journey Earth did a great job at developing an itinerary that was perfect for our family, even accommodating different schedules for different family members.  Every activity went on without a hitch, and we were connected with knowledgeable guides each step of the way.  Journey Earth even gave us an app that could be used by everyone on the trip to look ahead & ensure we had hotel addresses, meeting points, and other information right at our fingertips.

Wish we had more time. Can't wait to go back.

Andrea Gardner (USA)
September 2018
Our trip to Australia was excellent!  Dick Webster from Journey Earth took care of everything.

From the moment we got off the plane to all of the excursions to getting back on the plane to return home to Boston, everything went smoothly. Dick set up a great itinerary for our family of five. The apps on our phones kept us all well informed on all of our activities. Dick was also available by text or email with any questions.  The hotels that he recommended were perfect for our family.  The private and group tours were excellent. 

We all had a wonderful time and learned a lot about Australia in the process. There was something for everyone on this trip, which is not easy with teen-agers. Thank you Journey Earth and Dick Webster for the vacation of a lifetime.

Susan Scannell (USA)
August 2018
Our family thoroughly enjoyed our first visit to Australia.  We found Australia's natural beauty and its people's hospitality to be outstanding. 

Penny at Journey Earth was able to customize an itinerary that catered to my family's diverse interests and was in regular contact with us to deal with questions or changes. She was responsive to our needs and provided excellent service - she was always a text or phone call away if we needed anything. We think this would rate as one of our best family vacations and would highly recommend Journey Earth's services.

Tony Scozzafava (USA)
August 2018
Our whole experience was great from the beginning.

Penny our travel agent was the best, she answered all of our questions whether it be through email or phone call. She was very helpful throughout the entire process of planning our trip as well as during the trip. She was very easy to get in contact with when we had questions. She helped to plan the best vacation she incorporated everything that we said we wanted to do and/or see as well as made suggestions for things we didn't really think about doing/seeing. 

The trip went amazing; everything was detailed in the itinerary and went according to that plan all transfers and accommodations as well as tours worked out as planned and was flawless. We had such a good time and didn't have to worry about the planning part of the vacation once we were there. Penny made some recommendations about sites and things we should do in both Australia and New Zealand that we would've never thought of doing and we really enjoyed those outings and experiences.  

Penny and her travel company truly made our vacation amazing, we didn't have to worry about a thing and that's what made it the best and knowing that we could contact her if something did go wrong was also a relief, although nothing did.

Ashley Lynch (USA)
July 2018
Journey Earth and Penny Webster are absolutely fantastic! 

We had never travelled to Australia before, and Penny made the process easy! 

We began with multiple conversations about what we were interested in seeing and doing during our holiday.  The sites and activities that Penny planned were perfect.  We travelled with our 2 young teenagers and they were fully engaged as well.  Our accommodations were outstanding, even more than I anticipated, and we stayed within our budget.  

There were a couple "hiccups" during our planning process and trip. Penny went out of her way to help with any necessary changes, making our trip seemless.  We definitely received personal attention, and I am grateful for this!  We cannot wait to return to Australia and also explore New Zealand.  When we do, we will absolutely plan our trip with Journey Earth again.

Sherri Butler (USA)
July 2018
I must say that the professionalism of Journey Earth and the detailed knowledge of Australia and what it has to offer is highly impressive. 

As soon as they accepted the challenge to set up our Australian adventure they put the time in to get to know who we are, what makes us tick, where we're coming from and where we were going. It all started with a few emails and then a 45 minute phone call where Dick Webster dove into the details. A memorable moment in that call was when he, seemingly from memory, explained where our 7 year old would have the opportunity to cuddle a koala (not where the age limit is 8, but where he exceeded the the height limit). This call was followed by the most beautiful and informative travel itinerary I have ever seen (I am a web designer and world traveler, I say it should be made a gold standard). And if that itinerary wasn't impressive enough, wait until you get the whole thing on your mobile via the Axus app!

Because they put in the time to understand us and our motivation, we had a fabulous time in Australia. 

The wildlife was even more extraordinary than we anticipated, we swam with rays, sharks and turtles at GBR, learned about more marsupials than we knew existed and fell in love with the echidna (thanks to Paul the animal trainer at the Taronga zoo). But what perhaps surprised me most was the rich culture. We are thoroughly impressed by everything from the street art of Melbourne, to MONA to the awe inspiring aboriginal nations. One of the trips highlights was walking with Linc and his apprentices of the kuku yalanji around the mud-flats of Cooya beach, learning how to read the flats and spearing large mud-crabs.

As a side note, it's been kind of magical, walking around and getting access to all sorts of amazing adventure at the mere mention of my name. This is what Alladin must have felt like when he said "open Sesame" ;) 

Magga Dora Ragnarsdottir (Iceland)
July 2018
That personal touch is always a selling point no matter what you do- but especially when you travel.

Penny listened to our ideas of what we wanted in an adventure to Australia & New Zealand and put them into action. We developed a level of comfort as she was always accessible not only during the planning stage but our travels. 

Our 17 day trip felt like 4 vacations in one as every destination was unique and inspiring. The accommodations were divine, the diversity of locations and tours made each day of our trip more pleasurable than the last.   Our only regret is that we only touched on what can be seen  "down under".

Thank you for a trip that is what memories are made of.

Dianne Siddons (USA)
June 2018
Dick Webster supplied us with the ideal vacation with perfect activities and perfect timing for all stops. 

The hotels were the best settings and the food that was included!  Wow! The activities were handpicked for a mother/son combination and we would highly recommend his services to anyone planning a trip to Australia.  He was very available both prior to and during the trip. 

Edith Hoehn (USA)
June 2018

Our trip to Australia was awesome and Journey Earth and Penny did a great job planning it. 

We went to some places and did things that are definitely once in a lifetime events with great memories.  Snorkeling with sharks, seeing the March of the Penguins, holding a Koala and feeding Kangaroos were all very special things we did on this trip.

Penny was so easy to work with and had so much patience for us.  I am a pretty hands on person and we had changes even right up until the end and she did not seem frustrated by them at all.  We were definitely on the later side as we planned this trip and Penny made sure to get everything completed in time for us.

I highly recommend using Journey Earth and would use them again if we ever make our way back to Australia.

Scott Moskowitz (USA)
May 2018
I loved the trip Penny put together for us!

She answered my calls immediately when I needed to make changes due to a sprained ankle. I highly recommend her for all travel to Australia and New Zealand. She listened to our wants and put together the perfect trip. I especially enjoyed the Silky Oaks Lodge. I would never have found that on my own.

Martha Delargy (USA)
May 2018

The travelling experience was up to our expectations and our level requests. Very profesional, easy comunication, ready to solve any unspected problems or issues regarding accomodations, tour changes due to weather factor or transfers. Working with Penélope was very helpfull and she made it quite easy to help us make the right decisions on choosing alternatives. Fast response which is one of the main factors and satisfies the client.

Patricia Estrada (Ecuador)
May 2018
Penny at Journey Earth was able to build a truly memorable trip for us with our 2 children.

She understood our needs as a family and shared our excitement at introducing our kids to Australia. The activities Penny suggested were perfect for us, all our accomodation was in a good location and of a high quality. Communication with Penny was very easy and she was always fast to respond, i especially liked the personal touch of phone calls as it made the process at lot easier and smoother. 

The most memorable parts of the trip were Hartleys Crocodile Farm without a doubt, with holding a Koala in Kuranda as runner up for my girls. We had SO much fun at the crocodile farm with the highlight being able to feed the crocs a snack. Also, not forgetting the cane toad racing at The Ironbar in Cairns which Penny had told me about. Funniest evening ever!

Kakadu National Park will also hold a place in my heart, camping, swimming and exploring the Aboriginal culture off the grid was perfection.

Emma Barrow (UK)
May 2018
We were provided with an excellent itinerary totally responsive to our specific travelling style. 

Clearly there were elements that we would never have known about or thought to include but which turned out to be right on the mark.

Stein Gudmundseth (USA)
April 2018
Penny -
Thank you so much for all that you did helping us plan this amazing trip!

While I lay awake trying to fight the jet lag I go through all of the amazing memories that we were able to make in Australia. And thank you so much for keeping in contact with us throughout the trip and helping us along the way, it was so great knowing we had a local resource to help us! I will fill out the review when I have a second to give you proper accolades for a doing such a great job. Thanks again from my whole Niermeyer/McHugh family! 

Reed Niermeyer (USA)
April 2018
We have done quite a bit of travelling over the years, using a number of different agencies. This travel company ranks at the top!

My husband and I were planning to spend 5 weeks touring Australia and New Zealand.  Through Zicasso, we were given a few travel agencies to consider.  After talking to a couple, we decided that this travel company best met our needs and that was spot on!  This travel agent was terrific!  After chatting with us a few times to get an idea of what interested us, he prepared a detailed travel package for us to review.  We wanted a private tour, small boutique hotels, a combination of airplane, train, and car travel, and if necessary small groupings when "tours" were necessary. We had great dialogues throughout the process.  The final travel package was very complete, timely and included all necessary documentation.  

When travelling for 5 weeks, issues are inevitable.  We had flight delays and cancellations a couple of times due to weather and mechanical problems.  I called this agent right away and he handled every detail incredibly quickly.  Throughout the trip he would contact us to make sure all was well. He made it personal.

I can't tell you how great it was to have someone in country as an agent.  We are from the US, so the time difference could have been a nightmare had we used a US agency.

Even when his responsibility to us was technically done (as we had booked our own flight arrangements home),  this agent graciously rearranged everything when a storm closed the airport in Auckland for 24 hours.

Thank you to this agent and this travel company!

Anne Banghart (USA)
April 2018
We were an extended family group of 14 from ages 5 to 80. 

The seniors in the group needed handicap services in terms of wheelchair access, golf cart type transportation in excursion areas, and hotel rooms fitting these needs.  Penny was very helpful in arranging and re-arranging the itinerary based on our travel needs and budget.  During the trip, we encountered a few hiccups and Penny was available to help via phone & texting.  I would definitely recommend Penny & Journey Earth 

Overall the trip was great.  Before starting the trip, several of the seniors had expressed concern over needing to walk long distances or being exposed to the elements for the excursions in Australia and New Zealand.  We planned for the Phillip Island penguin Parade, the wildlife parks (koalas/butterflies/birds) in Kuranda, the Great Barrier Reef, The glowworm caves, Te Puia (geothermal geyser) in Rotorua, and the Lord of the Rings movie set-Hobbiton. 

The seniors in the group had the necessary wheelchair access or other transportation that allowed them to visit every attraction that we scheduled.  Having a large group also allowed us to have private shuttles in almost every city.  This alleviated any concerns about the group being separated and allowed everyone to chat during the rides.

Elsie Wong (USA)
April 2018
Penny really listened to our needs, interests, and travelling styles.

She crafted the perfect combination of places and activities, to experience 3 different lifestyles and cultures in Australia. Magical, unforgettable experience. She also tried her best to grant us good seating on our flights. Great service. 

Chris Bissell (USA)
March 2018
We had a perfectly delightful time from beginning to end. 

Our travel agent called us in preparation for the itinerary and spoke to us for 1 1/2 hours to discuss what we would like to accomplish in the two countries: Australia and New Zealand.  Everything was considered and thoughtfully prepared for us and the trip went flawlessly.  We spent a memorable and beautiful 50th wedding anniversary gift to ourselves in lands just short of heaven.

Wendy Jacobi (USA)
March 2018
My husband and I toured Australia and New Zealand for approximately 3 weeks during February 2018. As we were not familiar with the countries and were not sure where to even begin our trip, we contacted Richard (Dick) Webster at Journey Earth for some assistance.

The entire planning process went very smoothly and Dick made changes where necessary.  He was very thorough, made sure we understood the itinerary and had some wonderful suggestions.  We know that our trip would not have been nearly as wonderful without visiting some of the places Dick suggested..

We were also met by our guides at the time and places that were scheduled without fail.  The guides were knowledgeable and very friendly and courteous.  We couldn't have hoped for anything better. 

Elizabeth Frost (USA)
March 2018
My trip to Australia and New Zealand were fantastic.  Penny Webster was fantastic. 

I had consulted with three different travel agents and Penny was the only one who asked if my dates were firm because of Australia Day and we ended up going 2 days earlier and enjoying an evening cruise for the fireworks on Australia Day.  Penny booked everything for us and we just had to go to where she booked us and it was perfect.  This is including a few dinner reservations.

Lisa Estrin (USA)
February 2018
Penny was easy to work with and very responsive.

I told her exactly what we wanted to do and see in Australia and she planned it according to our wishes. She recommended some very beautiful and outstanding hotels and lodges. And, Penny recommended that we cancel a planned Daintree Rainforest tour because the weather was so hot and she felt our itinerary was already so full that we could use a day to relax. Great advice. Also, mid trip we decided to change our plans and spend 2 nights at Cradle Mountain; Penny handled the change graciously.

Yvonne Posa (USA)
February 2018
I don't know where to begin... This trip was a very emotional trip as it was to honor and celebrate my late husband and the father of my 3 beautiful daughters. 

Penny didn't leave any detail to chance, my husband always planned and executed our trips for us in the past and I wasn't sure where to begin, Penny took the lead but always asked for feedback on what she was planning.  The girls and I  have absolutely nothing negative to say <3 Thank you, Penny from the bottom of our hearts for helping us with this once in a lifetime trip to New Zealand and Australia.  We will be using your services again.  Thank you, Jill

Jill Zaniker (USA)
January 2018
Journey Earth was excellent.

We booked a 23 day trip during the Christmas and New Years holidays only a few short months before we were leaving so the logistics were difficult to say the least.   Journey Earth did a wonderful job in planning dozens of activities throughout Australia and New Zealand and it was all very well organized.  We like adventure and we had some of the best adventures ever thanks to the recommendations of our travel agent.  A dream trip that exceeded our expectations.    Thanks so much!

Camille (USA)
January 2018
Our trip was wonderful and we were very pleased in working with Dick Webster at Journey Earth.

We found him through Zicasso and it was extremely helpful to have an Australian travel specialist. Dick helped us in the practical planning aspects of the trip and then he orchestrated the perfect execution of our plan.

He was attentive to each detail and had all our travel documents and vouchers very organized before we left on our trip. He also was available every day to answer any questions that we had along the way. Being both personable and professional, Dick was a delight to work with on this special trip. In all my years of travel, I have never had such a smooth and problem free trip and this one was to 3 countries in 3 weeks!

Jan Thompson (USA)
December 2017
Journey Earth made our honeymoon a trip of a lifetime!

The places Dick chose, the activities, hotels and restaurants were all very good, and made the experience unforgettable. Dick was always very kind and helpful before and during our stay, always making sure that everything was ok. 

Joao Santos (Portugal)
November 2017
Journey Earth did a wonderful job coordinating the trip.

We had no upsets in coordination. All the hotels that we stayed at where top notch. The activities suggested and planned daily were super fun and memorable.

Denesa Rains (USA)
November 2017
Every hotel and service was of high quality, delivered on time and exactly as described in the material supplied by Journey Earth.

Further, the trip was well thought-out and matched to what we asked for in the way of activities and interests. All questions we asked before the trip were answered completely and immediately. Copies of all vouchers and other material were available well before the trip started for review.

Each activity included a clear description of "what to bring" with the result that our luggage contained only what was needed. Many, probably most, of the travel and event providers that Journey Earth selected were small, family-run companies so that our touring groups were small. Nonetheless, each of the providers had engaging, knowledgeable tour guides and clear, well-established, processes and procedures.

In summary, we found that a major benefit of having used a travel agent is that it is unlikely that we could have found the same or similar highly competent providers on our own. We chose Journey Earth precisely because their proposal was complete and detailed. exactly reflecting the interests we described to them.

Norman Goldsmith (USA)
November 2017
We travel on bucket list trips every year. Journey Earth is by far the best travel agency we have used.

They went far above any possible expectations we could have had. We would recommend anyone planning a trip to Australia or New Zealand to first contact Richard (Dick) at Journey Earth. I assure you they won’t be disappointed.

Jack Bock (USA)
October 2017
We felt Dick Webster was amazing in meeting our wishes and producing a trip that we found to be simply, perfection.

Whenever we communicated with Dick, he replied to us immediately and while travelling, met every request/concern we submitted to him. I highly recommend him.

Gary Peters (USA)
October 2017
Early in the planning, we determined that this was going to be too daunting a task to take on ourselves and began to search for a travel agent who could help us plan this once in a lifetime trip.

We had conversations, email exchanges etc...and narrowed the decision down to 3 possible agents. One agent recommended a call with our whole family on the line to get to know us and figure out how best to plan our trip.

Penny Webster from Journey Earth listened intently to what we were looking for, asked questions about what was most important and crafted what we feel was a perfect two week trip on the east coast of Australia.

We were able to see al the ‘touristy’ things we wanted to, and based on suggestions from Penny, we were able to see so much more. She was able to provide great options from the best the cities had to offer (Sydney and Melbourne) to the relaxing atmosphere on Hamilton Island. The amazing tours to the Blue Moutains, the Great Ocean Road and seeing the incredible Penguin Parade on Phillip Island were all extraordinary, well run, informative and offered some of the greatest views I ever remember seeing. An incredible trip that blended so many great things - metropolitan, outdoors and interaction with the regional wildlife.

Unfortunately, the trip was not without a hurdle or two. To start, we had a cancelled flight from Dallas to Sydney. The folks at Journey Earth were there for us every step of the way. Upon our arrival in Sydney, all our plans had already been adjusted to accommodate our getting there a day later than anticipated and all went seamlessly.

I accidentally left a jacket on Hamilton Island and I just received it in the mail...Penny had sent it back after she heard I left it there.

This was the greatest vacation I have ever taken, my family agrees whole heartedly. We know that we owe a lot of these great memories to the time and effort that Penny and Journey Earth put into this and we would highly recommend Journey Earth to anyone looking for a great travel experience!

Skip, Kim & Sydney Schwanbeck (USA)
September 2017
Dick Webster and Journey Earth planned the most amazing trip to Australia and Fiji for us this July. I interviewed a number of other travel planners and chose Dick because he actually listened to what we wanted out of a trip with our 17 year old son.

It seemed that a lot of the other planners just wanted to lay out a set trip without incorporating our feedback. He actually took the time to get to know my family through our conversations. Dick included numerous activities that provided an amazing time for all of us.

He provided excellent suggestions based on his experience travelling in the same areas. We only had two instances where we had to contact Dick for something and his response time/follow up was immediate and spot on.

The amazing this was that the drivers, tours, meals and events happened exactly as they were supposed to. Everything was on time and without any issue. It was a masterpiece of logistical work on Journey Earth’s part!

I can’t thank Dick and Journey Earth enough for creating the vacation of a lifetime.

David Lagerquist (USA)
July 2017
Journey Earth, and especially our travel consultant Penny Webster, were outstanding. They made our trip memorable.

Throughout the planning, and the actual trip, Penny kept in touch with us and made us feel at ease. She listened to our needs and concerns and allowed us to have an out of this world vacation.

Bob Sheikh (USA)
July 2017
Journey Earth planned a spectacular trip for us.

We experienced as much of Australia as our time frame would allow. Penny was responsive and detail orientated. Her suggestions took into account the things we wanted to do and she added her familiarity with the tour providers and the area to enhance our trip

Amy Lassman (USA)
May 2017
The trip was fabulous and I can’t say enough about Journey Earth and Dick Webster!

From the very beginning Dick listened to what we wanted out of our dream trip and incorporated all activities he could. He gave honest feedback and wonderful suggestions based on his experience travelling in the same area. Dick also made himself available at all times while we were in Australia in case anything came up. Having him available gave us peace of mind while traveling. The trip was absolutely perfect and I can’t thank Journey Earth enough for their part in making this happen.

Cody Scott (USA)
May 2017
Superb service. Sensitive to client needs. Expert advice. Solid follow through. Delightful trip with no problems.

From the planning stage through to the execution of our trip, our agent’s passion for her work coupled with her effective response to our needs is greatly appreciated.

Richard Probert (USA)
May 2017
Journey Earth were fantastic! We had the greatest time. The trip you designed for us was fabulous and everything went along great.

Loved Australia and New Zealand and hope to get back to see some more. 

Every time my over anxious husband found something new to worry about, Penny was there with the answers. I cannot tell you how much I appreciate her! She truly made this trip of a lifetime become a dream come true. 

Joan Guercia (USA)
April 2017
We had a wonderful trip to Australia and New Zealand! Journey Earth did an excellent job in planning our trip and following up on details.

During our trip, Penny contacted us about a flight delay. Hotel accommodations were great, we liked all of our hotels. Having Journey Earth arrange everything made our trip so enjoyable! All reservations were in place, with no problems. 

Jeff Bailey (USA)
April 2017
Dick saved our vacation! Here is where Dick became a super hero to my family.

We were on Hamilton Island when Cyclone Debbie (cat 4) hit. Dick took care of all the re bookings of the hotels in Sydney and changed all the tickets for our outings, as we were 3 days late arriving because of Cyclone Debbie. A cyclone wasn’t a pleasant surprise on my vacation but Journey Earth definitely were. I cannot sing Dick’s praises enough! I will never travel without a travel consultant again. 

Baysh Farley (USA)
April 2017
Dick at Journey Earth recommended and organised our fantastic, personalized 3-week vacation to Australia and New Zealand, that combined nature, culture and adventure!

Excellent quality and timely service - all we had to do is relax, enjoy and generate fond memories for a lifetime - thank you!

Alette Verbeek (Switzerland)
April 2017
Journey Earth’s Penny Webster, provided us with a complete package for our Journey to Australia.

Penny was able to take our unique overseas holiday travel dreams, couple with multiple destination cities, work within a very limited and fixed time frame, and still crafted us a superior package that answered all our needs. Having an in-country travel specialist personally handling all our travel needs was the best part of the whole process.
The Australian people are simply amazing, friendly, fun loving and always helpful.

Frank Zacholski (USA)
March 2017
This was a trip of a lifetime.

In a matter of hours, a simple enquiry through an internet search, got me in touch with Penny Webster from Journey Earth. She contacted me immediately and after briefly speaking to me had an itinerary emailed out. It was an incredible itinerary and set in motion preparing an adventure tour.

Wende Riswick (Canada)
March 2017
Journey Earth were a wonderful company to work with on our trip.

We had a five week trip with two different countries and two households involved. Not the easiest to keep everyone on point and on budget. Dick did a professional job getting us the exact trip we desired at a price we could agree on. The attention to the quality tours and hotels made us feel well taken care of. Thanks

Jeffrey Wetter (USA)
March 2017
The trip was great ! Australia is a beautiful country and I wish I had more time to spend there.

Since I am an American and Australia is so far away, I used Zicasso who got me connected to Journey Earth. My luck day! I have travelled for business around the world for 40 years and therefore consider myself an experienced traveler however this was a personal vacation and I had only been to Australia once before, almost 30 years ago.

Penny Webster at Journey Earth was excellent. She knew her stuff and quickly became acclimated to me and my preferences and from that point it was handled perfectly. I needed to make several changes to my itinerary (even one during the trip as my airline missed a connection) and Penny handled it with grace and skill. All the booking were correct and no one ever questioned my bookings or pre-paid arrangements.

I recommend Zicasso, Journey Earth and Penny Webster without hesitation. Look no further. Take the word of an experienced traveler, “let Penny handle it”.

Mike Crismyre (USA)
January 2017
Penny - I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for helping us put together a wonderful trip to Australia. Everything you provided for us was outstanding.

We enjoyed everywhere we went and all we did, bringing home with us lots of good memories from the trip. It is very encouraging to know it’s possible to work with someone you don’t know, on the other side of the world, to put together something like this. Your professionalism, quick responses and attention to our needs was exceptional. Thank you again.

Reeves Wiederman Snr (USA)
January 2017
Penny was professional and helped us plan a dream trip to New Zealand and Australia.

There was a lot we wanted to see in very little time and there was nothing we would change except being able to see more of each country!

Jamie Banks (Canada)
January 2017
Our trip was a fabulous adventure!

We loved every city we visited and every activity in which we participated. Working with this travel agent was great - exceeded all my expectations. Communication (phone, email, text) was easy and frequent. Right from the first email, I feel my agent wanted to help me plan my family’s dream trip. Throughout our journeys, our agent maintained just the right level of communication - ensuring that our trip was enjoyable, and helping us when plans got a bit off-track (usually due to weather).

I could not have asked for a better trip or travel company.

Tony Carstens (USA)
January 2017
The trip was absolutely wonderful and well-planned.

All of our days were well organized for us, with plenty of variety of activities and suggestions for non-activity days (usually travel days). I’m so glad that we used our agency, as it simplified our travel experience significantly and allowed us to maximise our travel days! Dick was fantastic and responded immediately by text or phone call whenever we had questions or needed assistance.

Thank You!

Jackie Shaw (USA)
January 2017
We had a truly special vacation and Penny did an excellent job advising us on our option, finding accommodations for us and planning everything for us down to the last detail.

It was an extremely busy time of year and bookings were tight but Penny was able to find us a beautiful hotel and wonderful guides and tours. All of our guides were so knowledgable and friendly as well. We were thrilled with the entire trip.
Thank you!

Julie Snyder (USA)
January 2017
Thank you very much for all the great experiences and impressions we have received during this trip, it was amazing and we really loved all the places and organization of everything!

We wanted to say we are grateful for all the work you have done, so if anyone from our friends is going to Australia we will definitely recommend you as best travel agent!

Kateryna Voitenko (Ukraine)
November 2016
We had a fantastic time in Australia and everything went smoothly and effortlessly thanks to Penny, our travel specialist.

We emailed her twice with questions while we were traveling and she responded promptly. The whole trip was memorable, but the resort Penny recommended in the Rainforest was amazing and the view we had from our room in Sydney was unbelievable! Climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge will always be a great memory.

Janet Wilson (USA)
November 2016
I’ve travelled alone through Australia and so far it has been the most exciting trip I have ever experienced.

I planned the trip together with Penny Webster from Journey Earth and it occurred to be very helpful. All places I’ve intended to see including Ayers Rock, Great Barrier Reef, Sydney and Coober Pedy were included in my itinerary. Even though I had only 14 days to travel the proposed plan met my expectations, including the flights schedule and accommodation.

Visiting Coober Pedy and Ayers Rock where I could get the feeling of the Australian outback were the most memorable parts of my trip. Also visiting the Great Barrier Reef was spectacular.

Dr Pawel Stanirowski (Poland)
November 2016
Penny Webster of Journey Earth did an OUTSTANDING job for us.

The pacing of the cities and activities was exactly what we asked of her. When we spoke with her when the trip was in the planning stages, I feel she really listened. Her choice of our travel itinerary could not have been better. And the best part, although we were requested to check into our activities 24 hours ahead, sometimes we could not and yet we were always on the list of the suppliers...huge stress reliever.

Australia is an amazing country/continent. We feel we only scratched the surface, yet thanks to Penny, it was a good “scratch”.

I cannot emphasize enough that she truly listened to us and assessed our energy level and did not “overactivity” us. She chose hotels that were exactly at our comfort level. If you are using a star system to rate Journey Earth and Penny Webster, five stars all the way around!

Carol & John Walton (USA)
November 2016

Hi Penny
We just wanted to say thanks for all your help and organising of the honeymoon. We had a great time from the flight to the hire car, the amazingly positioned room, the scenery, the food and much more...the postcard really was a lovely touch and certainly brought a smile to my face when I got it out of the letterbox.
Thanks again, your service was wonderful! Shall definitely recommend you !!

Jarrod & Erica Clanchy (Australia)
October 2016
We had a fantastic trip planned for us by Penny - we experienced a huge variety of things, both in location and activities.

Penny spent a lot of time getting a sense of what we wanted to do and we went through several iterations on the itinerary before we had the final one. She presented various options and at the eleventh hour had an idea that pulled the trip together for us, even though it caused a complete change of itinerary and thus more work for her. 

I travel a lot and normally research and book everything myself, but after this trip I am convinced of the merits of using a travel agent. Many times in our travels we were asked how we found out about the places and things we were doing, and the answer was always ‘our travel agent’. Our travels including all the many transfers went as smooth as silk. I do not hesitate in recommending this company and Penny for your travel needs.

Ramonda Diepenbrock (Canada)
July 2016
Meagan Jubb (USA)

Wow, where to even start. From the first time I met Dick on Zoom I knew we were in good hands. He made us feel totally comfortable every step of the way! We worked over several weeks to really tweak everything until our itinerary was perfect. He really listened to what we wanted to get out of the trip and made sure to include experiences to match, but also surprised us by adding in things that we likely wouldn't have thought to book on our own, like the Reef by Helicopter tour (which turned out to be one of the top moments in our two weeks!). We never felt any pressure, and anytime we requested a change, he was ready with alternative ideas. During the itinerary build process, anytime we had questions he was incredibly quick to reply via email, and would often just pick up the phone and give us a quick call.

When we arrived, we had a quick sleep in Sydney and a flight to Ayers Rock in the morning. Lo and behold we wake up to a cancelled flight. Dick and his wife started at 6:30am taking the reins to rearrange everything for us. Something that could have led to disappointment and a very stressful day was resolved quickly and smoothly. They spent all day on the phone with airlines, hotels etc rebooking our trip and managing refunds while we got to enjoy Sydney. We are still beyond grateful for this!

The trip itself was truly a magical experience. Dick checked in along the way to ensure everything was running smoothly and that we are enjoying our stay. We have already told several people about Journey Earth, and will continue to recommend them! Thank you Dick, for everything!



Meagan Jubb (USA)
July 2022
Dick spent a lot of time listening to what we wanted.

Dick Webster did an amazing job getting us exactly the trip we requested on very short notice from us.  All the hotels were in the best locations and provided excellent accommodations and services within our budget.  The private tour guides and excursions were outstanding.

When there was a glitch (the few glitches were with the provider, not Journey Earth), Dick was readily available and immediately resolved the issues). When one of the airlines cancelled their route, Dick was able to rebook us on other flights that did not cause us to miss any activities.

Dick spent a lot of time listening to what we wanted, and found a wonderful variety of activities.  

Barbara Pfaffenberger (USA)
June 2022

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