We are often asked (and if you haven’t asked, you have certainly wondered) why you should use a travel agent, when you can book online yourself? 

If you like personal service with a smile, the ability to ask a real person questions, the benefit of inside information and years of industry experience as well as first hand insight into your travel destination, then you are starting to get the picture. You may be time poor, technologically challenged, overwhelmed by the information available or simply don't know where to start?

Here are some of the many reasons why it is best to book with an accredited travel agent;

1. We can compare global airfares instantly and hold flights

Booking airfares online requires flicking backwards and forwards between websites and web pages, then paying for your flights immediately to hold seats.

Travel agents have access to a live global GDS (Global Distribution System) which allows us to compare flights and airfares instantly, as well as hold flights for you (sometimes several), whilst you make your final decision or have that necessary chat with your “other half”.

2. We can save you time and money

Travel agents have a world of travel knowledge and industry support at their fingertips, saving you countless hours of research and frustration. Additionally, we are a "one-stop shop", who can manage ALL aspects of your travel arrangements including visa advice, travel insurance, Cash Passports and travel sim cards. 

We also have knowledge of, and often exclusive access to, rates and fares you won’t find online. And if you do find a fare online that looks unbeatable, we can probably match it. Just ask!

3. Complex bookings made easy

Multi - country trips,  around the world tickets,  group bookings,  “open-jaw” tickets (?) - tricky terms and conditions ... not every trip is straightforward. Think of the time you’ll save on research by putting these complex trips in the hands of a travel agent. With a travel agent complex bookings are stress free!

4. Expert guidance

There are so many online reviews about accommodation providers, tours and destinations, that you could go cross-eyed trying to read them all. At Journey Earth we’ve travelled extensively, can give you first-hand knowledge and inside tips about your destination. If we haven’t been there, we know someone who has.

5. A port of call in the storm

You can plan your trip perfectly, but sometimes the universe has other plans!

If you experience an problem while travelling, the Internet will not come to your rescue. Travel agents are a phone call or email away throughout your trip – even after you come home. We are trained to be your advocates and help rectify any issues, so your holiday is smooth sailing.

6. Tailor made

We want you to have fun! The time of your life should be planned by someone who can custom design the trip you have always wanted. That off the beaten path experience can’t be found in a pre-packaged Internet special. For tailor-made travel, with a personal touch - ask us!