Paul Garry (USA), May 2019

We spent 5 weeks in Australia and New Zealand. We literally went from Queensland in the North all the way down to Tasmania in Australia and visited both the north and the South Island of New Zealand.  If you are thinking of doing a trip like this, you MUST use this trip planner and her travel company. Her planning was meticulous. Every single flight connection, every single guide she selected, every single hotel met our needs perfectly.  In fact some of our accommodation were among the best I have ever had. What set our trip planner apart was that she listened carefully to what I wanted and she found accommodations and activities which met my goals.  She was an exceptional partner with which to work and she was helpful not only in the planning but she also provided assistance when we were there.  Specifically some of our tours were weather dependent.  When I asked her to help monitor whether an excursion was going due to weather she gladly pitched in to help. She is not one of those travel agents who once receiving payment, thinks she is done.  Rather, she is available to help with issues whenever they arise.  Now I should point out that the cost of the trip was not cheap.  However, she stayed pretty much on budget and as we both agreed, with some of our accomodations, you get what you pay for.

There were many.  Our stay in Sydney was a highlight. Our trip planner arranged for a private cruise around the harbor which was special.  We were also able to get tickets to a dance performance at the Sydney Opera house which allowed us not only to see the structure but to enjoy it as it was intended. She also encouraged us to get tickets for the Sydney Opera Company performance of West Side Story which was a treat.  Other highlights were our stay on Lord Howe Island (a slice of heaven), snorkeling in/on the Great Barrier Reef (the company she suggested was superb), the helicopter ride, The Lodge (a MUST), Uluru staying at and getting to see the Bruce Munro installation, the Lodge in Rotorua NZ, Trekking on the Franz Josef Glacier in NZ, whitewater rafting on the Shotover River in NZ, the MONA museum in Tasmania and the Seafood seduction cruise in Tasmania. I could go on but I think you get the idea. There was a lot that we packed into the 5 weeks we were there and much of it was memorable.