Michael Meadows (USA), March 2019

The trip was amazing in all regards and somehow managed to eclipse our expectations and imaginations.  As with any endeavor of this magnitude, there were a couple of hick-ups, but in general, we will be happy to recommend the area, and Journey Earth as the travel agent!

The beauty of Hamilton Island, the quaint and efficient travel by golf carts and the ease of everything given it was off season were awesome.  Sydney was a delight staying in the Rocks area and the personal tour, yacht tour, Opera House tour, and bridge climb were all awesome...… As was a local Sydney Pub on $9 pie night as recommended by our agent.  Queenstown and Milford Sound beauty are beyond words we have to describe.  The flight over to Milford Sound was sooooo cool and so much better than a 4 hour bus ride!  Moorea as again beyond belief and surpassed expectations.