Linda Toner (USA), February 2019

We are blown away by the trip Journey Earth put together for us! We asked our travel planner for something different and he delivered. From spear fishing in Queensland to the sights of Kangaroo Island, everything was perfect. Our decision to have a travel agent in Australia was validated as he kept track of us throughout our travels, warning us of potential weather issues. Great job done by this travel company.

It is impossible saying what is most memorable. We enjoyed learning about Sydney on our walking tour and our cruise of Sydney harbour. In Queensland,  what can beat the Lodge and our spear fishing with the Kuku Yalanji. The sights around Alice Springs were a real suprise with Marc, from a tour company, showing us how to picnic in style. I cannot imagine being in Australia and not visiting Kangaroo Island, the sights and wildlife are amazing. And finally, when we return to Australia, Adelaide and the Baross Valley will be our first stop.