Magga Dora Ragnarsdottir, Iceland (July 2018)

I must say that the professionalism of Journey Earth and the detailed knowledge of Australia and what it has to offer is highly impressive.  As soon as they accepted the challenge to set up our Australian adventure they put the time in to get to know who we are, what makes us tick, where we're coming from and where we were going. It all started with a few emails and then a 45 minute phonecall where Dick Webster dove into the details. A memorable moment in that call was when he, seemingly from memory, explained where our 7 year old would have the opportunity to cuddle a koala (not where the age limit is 8, but where he exceeded the the height limit). This call was followed by the most beautiful and informative travel itinerary I have ever seen (I am a webdesigner and world traveler, I say it should be made a gold standard). And if that itinerary wasn't impressive enough, wait until you get the whole thing on your mobile via the Axus app!

Because they put in the time to understand us and our motivation, we had a fabulous time in Australia. 

As a side note, it's been kind of magical, walking around and getting access to all sorts of amazing adventure at the mere mention of my name. This is what Alladin must have felt like when he said "open Sesame" ;) 

The wildlife was even more extraordinary than we anticipated, we swam with rays, sharks and turtles at GBR, learned about more marsupials than we knew existed and fell in love with the echidna (thanks to Paul the animal trainer at the Taronga zoo). But what perhaps surprised me most was the rich culture. We are thoroughly impressed by everything from the street art of Melbourne, to MONA to the awe inspiring aboriginal nations. One of the trips highlights was walking with Linc and his apprentices of the kuku yalanji around the mud-flats of Cooya beach, learning how to read the flats and spearing large mud-crabs.