Anne Banghart, USA (April 2018)

My husband and I were planning to spend 5 weeks touring Australia and New Zealand.  Through Zicasso, we were given a few travel agencies to consider.  After talking to a couple, we decided that this travel company best met our needs and that was spot on!  This travel agent was terrific!  After chatting with us a few times to get an idea of what interested us, he prepared a detailed travel package for us to review.  We wanted a private tour, small boutique hotels, a combination of airplane, train, and car travel, and if necessary small groupings when "tours" were necessary. We had great dialogues throughout the process.  The final travel package was very complete, timely and included all necessary documentation.  

When travelling for 5 weeks, issues are inevitable.  We had flight delays and cancellations a couple of times due to weather and mechanical problems.  I called this agent right away and he handled every detail incredibly quickly.  Throughout the trip he would contact us to make sure all was well. He made it personal.

I can't tell you how great it was to have someone in country as an agent.  We are from the US, so the time difference could have been a nightmare had we used a US agency.

Even when his responsibility to us was technically done (as we had booked our own flight arrangements home),  this agent graciously rearranged everything when a storm closed the airport in Auckland for 24 hours.

We have done quite a bit of travelling over the years, using a number of different travel agencies.  This travel company ranks at the top!

Thank you to this agent and this travel company!