Norman Goldsmith, USA (November 2017)

Every hotel and service was of high quality, delivered on time and exactly as described in the material supplied by Journey Earth. Further, the trip was well thought-out and matched to what we asked for in the way of activities and interests. All questions we asked before the trip were answered completely and immediately. Copies of all vouchers and other material were available well before the trip started for review.

Each activity included a clear description of "what to bring" with the result that our luggage contained only what was needed. Many, probably most, of the travel and event providers that Journey Earth selected were small, family-run companies so that our touring groups were small. Nonetheless, each of the providers had engaging, knowledgeable tour guides and clear, well-established, processes and procedures.

In summary, we found that a major benefit of having used a travel agent is that it is unlikely that we could have found the same or similar highly competent providers on our own. We chose Journey Earth precisely because their proposal was complete and detailed. exactly reflecting the interests we described to them.