Skip, Kim and Sydney Schwanbeck, USA (September 2017)

“About a year ago, for our 20th anniversary we decided to put in motion a life long dream - to go half way around the globe to visit Australia. Early in the planning, we determined that this was going to be too daunting a task to take on ourselves and began to search for a travel agent who could help us plan this once in a lifetime trip.

We had conversations, email exchanges etc...and narrowed the decision down to 3 possible agents. One agent recommended a call with our whole family on the line to get to know us and figure out how best to plan our trip. Penny Webster from Journey Earth listened intently to what we were looking for, asked questions about what was most important and crafted what we feel was a perfect two week trip on the east coast of Australia.

We were able to see al the ‘touristy’ things we wanted to, and based on suggestions from Penny, we were able to see so much more. She was able to provide great options from the best the cities had to offer (Sydney and Melbourne) to the relaxing atmosphere on Hamilton Island. The amazing tours to the Blue Moutains, the Great Ocean Road and seeing the incredible Penguin Parade on Phillip Island were all extraordinary, well run, informative and offered some of the greatest views I ever remember seeing. An incredible trip that blended so many great things - metropolitan, outdoors and interaction with the regional wildlife.

Unfortunately, the trip was not without a hurdle or two. To start, we had a cancelled flight from Dallas to Sydney. The folks at Journey Earth were there for us every step of the way. Upon our arrival in Sydney, all our plans had already been adjusted to accommodate our getting there a day later than anticipated and all went seamlessly.

I accidentally left a jacket on Hamilton Island and I just received it in the mail...Penny had sent it back after she heard I left it there.

This was the greatest vacation I have ever taken, my family agrees whole heartedly. We know that we owe a lot of these great memories to the time and effort that Penny and Joourney Earth put into this and we would highly recommend Journey Earth to anyone looking for a great travel experience!”